A.S. Overseas Education Consultants

United Arab Emirates

The UAE has rapidly emerged as a global hub for education, with world-class universities and institutions offering a diverse range of programs. Many UK Universities also have their campuses based in the UAE allowing Pakistani students to study close to their home and attaining a UK Degree. Moreover, the strategic location of the UAE at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa enhances its appeal, offering students a dynamic and cosmopolitan setting for learning and networking.

Why choose the UAE?

High-quality education system

Globally Ranked Institutions

Multilingual country with English widely spoken, reflecting its diverse culture

There is a growing number of universities, including international branch campuses

Great opportunities for students pursuing business, hospitality, and finance

Success Stories!

Abdullah Nisar

Middlesex University Dubai

Hassan Moti

Middlesex University Dubai

Shanzey Dada

Murdoch University Dubai