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Study Abroad Guide

Foundation Year

A Foundation Year, often referred to as a ‘year zero’ program, is a comprehensive introductory initiative designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence required for a successful undergraduate degree.

At A.S. Overseas, we understand that the journey into higher education begins with a strong foundation. We take pride in our strategic partnerships with numerous esteemed institutions. Our network of trusted partners ensures a smooth transition, allowing students to easily commence their foundational studies.



International Year 1

International Year 1 is a comprehensive two-semester program meticulously designed to acquaint you with the foundational concepts of your chosen field of study.

At A.S. Overseas, our strategic partnerships with reputable institutes and collaborators ensure that students can easily commence their International Year 1, setting the stage for a successful progression in their academic pursuits. 


A Bachelor’s Degree is a fundamental milestone in higher education, signifying the successful completion of an undergraduate program typically lasting three to four years. 

This degree is awarded by universities and colleges upon the fulfillment of specific academic requirements within a chosen field of study. 

Whether launching a career immediately or paving the way for advanced studies, a Bachelor’s Degree is a significant achievement and a key stepping stone in the educational journey.


A Master’s Degree is earned upon the completion of a specialized and advanced program following a Bachelor’s Degree. 

Typically spanning one to two years, this postgraduate qualification delves deeply into a specific field of study, allowing individuals to refine their expertise and explore the forefront of knowledge within their chosen discipline.

Whether driven by a passion for research, a desire for career advancement, or a pursuit of personal growth, obtaining a Master’s Degree is a transformative journey that deepens expertise and positions individuals as leaders in their chosen fields.