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Course Guidance

Selecting the right course for yourself is a crucial step for your future. The correct selection of subjects will lead you to a better way ahead or else you will keep wandering. We provide you guidance to choose subjects according to your persona , your cognizance and your future plans. Course that would be favorable for you and ideal for your future !

Teacher Recommendation

Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions A teacher is the child's third parent. He is the one who can embellish your personality or exacerbate it. We know the value of a good teacher that's why A.S Education Services helps you to study under the best teachers who would not only make your studies more facile but boost your level up for your goals.

Study Abroad

Studying Abroad is one of the most advantageous experience for a student and his career. By studying abroad students have the golden chance to grasp all the good opportunities for their current and future state. We not only dispense you the counselling and chance to study in renowned foreign universities but we also help you in visa assistance and accommodation..


After completing your O levels now you will be in search for a proficient college ! Decision of selecting a college among so many renowned and prominent colleges is quiet a strenuous decision. Not only your present but your future studies also rely on your college life. Student mostly get confuse and sometimes they end up choosing the wrong college that messed up their educational life.

Scholarships and Financial Aids

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings If you are a brilliant student and you have aims to aspire for high we are here to make ways for you. We appreciate extraordinary students and their performance by providing them scholarships to help them achieve their career goals.

Visa Guidance.

We help you for visa guidance and training for mock.


The term Academic Assistance encompasses a wide variety of instructional methods, educational services, educational strategies, teacher advisors as well as alternative ways of grouping, counselling and instructing students. All these services help students in improving their academics as well as this will accelerate their learning process and enable them to meet learning standards. Our organization have some of the most proficient teachers who could guide you with your studies and help you out with best solutions. Our CEO Omer Altaf is the most stunning teacher who is very famous among people cause of his endearing teaching qualities. Our team will succour you in all your academic problems.


Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced and more knowledgeable person helps you with his guidance. It is a learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn. You are here to learn and we are here to give the best in order to make you the best ! Come to us with your problems and you will have the opportunity to learn under amazing people.


APPEARANCE RULES THE WORLD Personal grooming is about presenting yourself in the best way possible. It makes you able to function and fit in today's society. Jobs opportunities, enrollment in renowned universities and corporate events are all inextricably linked to how you present yourself to the world. A.S Education Services groom your appearance as well as your inner traits so that you are able to outclass others.

Career Guidance

A good career is a long lasting career. When you are there in every competition doing a good job you are a part of an elite, and that's the most important thing We not only take you to the best university, but also take you a step ahead and provide you with career guidance. Starting from scratch, we take the student to their desired destination with our dedicated efforts.

Socializing - Group Studies

We guide you to opt for the best from the multi options available for group studies. Private candidates are specifically provided help by connecting them to groups that match their requirements. Group studies would enable students to share their ideas and get knowledge from other candidates.

Workshops and Exam Alerts

There are two types of workshops conducted; exam oriented career oriented. Exam Oriented: We see that as exams approach near students take up a lot pressure and get tensed. This is when we play our part as our CEO is an awe-inspiring teacher and in our circle we have various other teachers who assist students in securing high grades. .